Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Off the anchor

What other time could be more auspicious to flag off, if not now - in the silence of this night, the lights dimmed just right, the glass of wine half empty and light jazz fills the room. The heart is set for the maiden voyage, testing waters as I sail through. But then, the fun is always in the search, not the find. So be it; for my journey matters, not much the destination.

This space is for my little one. If he will ever get to read this, I don't know. But then; I wonder.

What if?

What if he does.

Maybe then, I should be pouring my heart out.


Me said...


gee said...

Come on upsi, whats up with cooking?

See! it brings a grin when I write 'upsi' & 'cooking' in the same line!

How about we settle just for a coffee that your S prepares?

-- gee was here --

upsilamba said...

me: coming to Upsi's home and asking her to sit? ennaidhu ma.

gee: get lost.

Me said...

welcome to the world of food blogs...

upsilamba said...

hello, I gotch ya.
was trying to pull your leg.
*sigh. even my jokes need explanation.

Me said...


Kodi's Mom said...

hey, good start ! and I missed it! well, I'm kinda late..go Upsi, go!

upsilamba said...

KM - thought I will let you know, once Kodi is settled and you are more at peace.