Thursday, September 20, 2007


"Kanna, what would you like
butter from the earthen pot?
buttermilk, perhaps..
gulp it down and
let me wipe your upper lip
with my saree edge.

Off you go now,
Let me watch
your leela
to my heart's content...."

But then, this Kanna of mine,
Asks for mashed potatoes
with a lil butter
and herds dogs
calves unseen.

Recipe - mashed potatoes


gee said...

"gee takes-off with a crowbar to get upsi, on hearing the word mashed-potatoes"

upsilamba said...

crowbar! choolu chollu. crowbar! phew.

anyways, I thought of you while posting this recipe.

Red Chillies said...

Upsi, finally finally I am able to comment on your blog. Loved the picture of Krishna and eagerly waiting for your recipes.

upsilamba said...

RC -- blogging about cooking is harder than cooking itself, me thinks. hence the delay in posting.

gee said...

Mashed potatoes from NYT

"...Tradition calls for beating them until your arm goes numb; molecular gastronomy insists on simmering the potatoes twice, at different temperatures, to control the starch cells. Improving on the research would seem to require biceps like baseballs and access to a particle accelerator."